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Our Organic and Natural products are exempt under FIFRA 25(b) (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act), which means the product does not need to be registered with the EPA. What this means to you is that it is safe to be used around you, your children and your pets while providing a highly effective barrier against Mosquitoes and Ticks. 
It will be a thrill for you that first evening after we spray. You'll go outside, and you'll notice immediately, there won't be any whining in your ear, you won't be flapping your arms around to swat Mosquitoes. Your children won't need harmful insect repellents, day or night. Finally, your property belongs to you, the way you always thought it should be. Plus, we guarantee the results, if a problem should ever come up, we re-spray for free.

Our Residential Work Speaks for Itself

There’s nothing more important to us than having you and your family enjoy your property whenever you want, day or night, without worrying about Ticks and Mosquitoes. We guarantee it! See below for some comments from a few of our present customers.

Make your Property an oasis like no other. Why not enjoy your Property the way you always had hoped to, without Mosquitoes and Ticks. Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control services both Residential and Commercial Properties to keep your guests comfortable while sipping a Margarita by the Pool or having dinner...outside.....Mosquito Free

On our first visit, we walk the property with you, and tell you how we plan to keep the Mosquitoes and Ticks away from you. We'll look for any problem areas

and tell you how we will treat those areas, especially if you have any standing water on the property that's not a swimming pool. When we're done, you'll know how we plan to create a barrier to keep the Mosquitoes and Ticks out.

Bruce S, Manhasset : "My wife and I love to sit out on our back patio, but even with citronella candles, we were still being attacked by mosquitoes. After doing some research, we called Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control, we liked the idea of using a natural way to stop the mosquitoes. After the first treatment, we needed no further convincing, they were professional, and their products work!"

Craig R, Port Washington: " After Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control started treating our property, being outside at night is fun again."

Paul I, Manhasset: "We have a large pool and several outdoor sitting areas at the back of our property, but we are surrounded by neighbors who have a great number of large trees so those areas never get any sun. Jack from Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control explained to us that mosquitoes love to hide in those areas, and explained how he would treat them. I'm happy to say we can enjoy the pool day or night. We are very happy with the service."

MaryAnn O., Locust Valley, NY: "I am the mother of three small children who love to be outside in the summer. We are fortunate enough to live on 5 acres, with the pool being on the edge of the property surrounded on three sides by woods. Prior to having Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control treat our property, I had to cover my children with insect repellent, which I wasn't comfortable doing, and even then, the mosquitoes still swarmed around us. After Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control starting treating our property, I haven't had to use insect repellent on my children, we can eat outside, sit by the pool, and enjoyed the summer, I'm sorry we have to go back to the city. I also liked that Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control uses natural products, not pesticides. I highly recommend Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control, as they say, 'safe for you, safe for your children,  safe for your pets,  bad for ticks and mosquitoes."

Patricia W., Old Brookville, NY: "Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control were very professional, and am very pleased with the results, we haven't seen a tick in two weeks. We have two dogs, and this Spring, they were bringing in ticks every time they went out before our property was treated. We also like that Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control use natural products, our dogs are very important to us." June 4, 2015

Lou P., Matinecock, NY: I have a lot of wooded areas on my property, and my brother raises thoroughbreds, so we were plagued by a number of flying insects and ticks. Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control used a cedar wood oil product that doesn't harm the animals but did a tremendous job of getting rid of the insects and ticks. They were also careful in avoiding the honeybees working the wildflowers. I'm sold!"  June, 2015

Jerry L., Lattingtown: I have a 3 acre property with a pool, an outdoor patio/bbq/sitting area, and Koi pond, all surrounded by woods. I had been putting up with mosquitoes these last few years because of my Koi pond, but this spring brought out an inordinate amount of ticks which concerned me. I knew that most mosquito control companies use pesticides which are toxic to my fish, so after looking around on the internet, I found Long Island Tick and Mosquito Control. After speaking with them regarding their natural products and fish, I hired them, and was quite happy with the results, I haven't seen any ticks and only a few mosquitoes, which I understand will decrease further after my second treatment. Thanks!"  June, 2015